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Bird on Fire

The book Bird on Fire by Jane Wells examines The Hunger Games from a Christian perspective.

Jane Wells delves into the Hunger Games from a Christian perspective, exploring themes of social justice, transformation and unlikely heroism. Like Katniss, discontent with the tragically unjust world in which she finds herself, we are also called to be on fire for justice and transformed by the love and loss. 

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Glitter in the Sun

Glitter in the Sun by Jane Wells explains Christianity through the modern parable of Twilight.

Glitter in the Sun explores how we can glimpse truths of our faith through the Twilight saga. Jane Wells uses the search for eternal love in Twilight as a modern parable not only for our inborn need for God, but also for God's unending call to us.

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Speaking Engagements


Looking for an engaging speaker on the writing life? Look no further!

From journalism, through public relations and into novels, Jane can speak with the authority of experience and is glad to answer attendees' questions with candor and humor.

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